Traditional crafts for a better environment

We manage our woodlands, as well as other local private woodlands, sustainably through coppicing to provide the wood we use to make our sustainable artisan charcoal, smoking woods and coppiced products.

The craft of coppicing has been praticed in the Uk for over 6,000 years. The process mimics the natural regeneration of our native trees which evolved to combat browsing from mammals such as the beaver (currently being reintroduced to The Forest of Dean).

Around 90% of charcoal sold in the UK is still currently imported from unsustainably managed forests overseas. Much is sources from tropical forests, damaging precious natural ecosystems which do not respond to coppicing and cannot be replaced. 

Our sustainable woodlands management practices and local production of coppiced using a retort kiln and other artisan methods helps to conserve global resources and reduces the impact on the environment. 

Active management of coppiced woodland is better for ecological diversity as it mimics natural cycles whilst creating skilled local jobs and, as the woodlands are cut on a 12-15 year cycle the mosaic of light and shade created provides a huge diversity for plants and animals. 



Sustainable BBQ Products

The charcoal we make here at The Resilient Woodlands Initiative is made using the latest modern retort kiln technology. Our process is much cleaner and more efficient process than traditional charcoal making methods with typically only 25% of the emissions being released to the atmosphere. It does this by recycling the combustible gasses emitted from the wood in the pyrolisis process and uses them as fuel to turn the wood into charcoal. We are also exploring ways to recycle the waste heat to help dry wood. 

No Nasty Chemicals = Better Tasting Food & Better Health

Not only does this wonderful kiln help to greatly reduce the environmental impact of charcoal production on the environment it also produces some wonderful charcoal. This is due to the extremely accurate and controllable temperature throughout the whole burn making the end product of the highest quality.  

Another coppice produce we produce here is smoking wood. These have been used for generations to add extra flavour to BBQ’d food. Each species of wood imparts a different type of flavour to the food and luckily we have multiple species with a wide flavour profile. 

All of our smoking woods are processed by hand to avoid any contamination of the wood with chainsaw or machine oil leading to the best possible quality that we can manage.

Coppice Products

We are looking to expand into a wider range of coppice based products with items such as: 

Bean Poles
Walking Sticks 
Hazel Hurdles

And many more!

These ideas are still in development as we find the time to produce them but if you have any specific interest please get in touch with us via the contact page and we will endeavour to meet the demand. 

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