Our Vision & Values

The Resilient Woodlands Initiative is based in the beautiful Forest of Dean, close to the wye valley and Severn estuary amongst stunning woodlands that have been managed by people for the past 8,500 years since the Mesolithic age. 

Our Vision is to demonstrate how traditional sustainable woodland management creates a ecologically vibrant and beautiful woodland landscape that can be enjoyed by all.  Our country is at a stage where the traditional skills of the woodsman are needed more than ever to prevent the huge loss of biodiversity. 

We can only create something of beauty that everyone can value and protect, if at the same time we ensure the work of those managing the woods has a value and they can earn a decent living. 

We hope to demonstrate how this can be achieved at Resilient Woodlands Retreat, investing our time, skills and energy in a place that provides an income as well as being somewhere that can restore, recharge and rejuvenate anyone just be being there,  surrounded by nature. 

Through the construction of our two luxury glamping cabins, we have created a destination that allows people to experience the sounds, smells and earthy pleasures of the woodsman. At the same time providing a haven for wildlife that offers a beautiful setting for bird/wildlife watching, painting, writing, cycling or just allowing you time out from busy lives to be at one with nature.  

Luxury Glamping Cabin - Forest of Dean
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