The Resilient Woodlands Initiative is based in the Forest of Dean. Our primary focus is on sustainable management of local woodlands for social, environmental and economic benefit.

 In addition to the wonderful public Forestry estate, there are a large number of small woodlands on farms, small holdings and common land locally. Few are actively managed at present, despite the many local benefits that sustainable woodland management can deliver.

 We want to help to change this – leading by example.  In 2016 we began actively coppicing the first parcel o f our own woodland. We are already beginning to see the benefits of increased woodland floral diversity and are convinced we are on the right path. Coppicing will be extended on a 12-15 year rotation and will support the production of a range of sustainable woodland products from each harvest. 

 This year we are thrilled to launch our first product, Flaming Excellent - Sustainable Barbecue Charcoal. We believe it is some of the best charcoal around – not only because it is made in a modern retort kiln, but also because it is made in small batches by our enthusiastic team who work the woodland with care and passion.

 You can purchase our Flaming Excellent – Sustainable Barbecue Charcoal from our on-line Shop or through selected retailers.

 We look forward to increasing our range of Resilient Woodland products as the year progresses. Check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest updates.

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